She would vote for Bernie Sanders, only…

Jurassic World… Hilariously Remixed

How do you make Jurassic World even better? That’s not a rhetorical question, homes. The answer is: Remix every shot of its MFin’ trailer!

Beauty and the Beast: The NSFW Version

With Disney making a new live-action version of their classic animated film, Beauty and the Beast, now is exactly the time to share this… er, remix.

Let’s just say it takes the subtext of the beloved musical story and makes it very, very explicit.

If their are small children near you, you may want to cover their ears. After plugging them with wax. And then imprison them in a sound-proof booth.

Or not. I don’t know. Maybe you’re one of those permissive, anything goes parents. In which case, go ahead and rock out with your beast c— out.

Be our guest!

Royal Navy Recruitment Video

The Ultimate Trolling of Lord of the Rings Fans

You know how some fans get upset when tiny details about their favorite fantasy world gets mis-reported…?

This is so so dumb. And yet, there’s a genius to the dumbness. Flicka! Legalize greenleaf!

What are your favorite name botches in the video? What are the obvious ones that creator Neil Cicierega missed?

Bad Lip Reading Tackles the Republican Debate

Remember kids, “Every mouse has a wee wee.”

What did Luke do in the Dagobah System?: A decidedly NSFW GIF

Truly, one of the best Star Wars remixes I’ve seen in a long time. Like Episodes 1-3, it is entirely unsafe for children.

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Here’s the Reddit thread where it surfaced. The genius of the creator is to extend the comedy with reaction shots and showing the footage from multiple angles.

As one commenter put it: “Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm.”

Chipmunks + Lightsabers Equals Best Nature Footage Ever

gf2NhCS - Imgur

Star Trekkin’ is My Nomination for Worst Song Ever

It’s not a good tribute to the classic sci-fi show Star Trek, nor is it a clever spoof. Unless you think that show was only about the catchphrases, I suppose.

And what is up with the claymation? This is like the Birdemic of stop motion animation. “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.”

This song was actually played on commercial radio in the 1980’s. It’s proof that in the good ole days, broadcasters would actually play anything. Can you imagine Apple’s Beats One network giving time to a Game of Thrones novelty song?

Someone needs to make a sequel to this song. Because, as we know, in the Star Trek universe, the even-numbered releases are the good ones.

Red Letter Media Tackles Terminator Genisys

F That: A Guided Mediation (NSFW or Children)

No bare skin, but plenty of foul language. You have been warned.

Side note: I actually do find this mediatative. Is that weird?

Local News Blooper of the Week: Reporter Reacts to Cows Having Sex

The Mother of All Unboxing Videos: Nice Brand Chicken Sandwich

America’s Latest Pet Fad Post-Jurassic World: Dinos

Minipigs were a fad after the movie Babe so it’s no surprise that dinosaurs are the latest fad pets, given the success of the film Jurassic World. What that movie fails to show is just how much of a — pardon the language — how much of a dick dino pets can be.

Take this dude’s velociraptor, for instance. All he wanted was to have a nice breakfast.

This is why dino pet owners can’t have nice things. Or why they can’t have cereal bowls. Or, at least, why they shouldn’t leave them on a counter where… just watch the video.

What do you think? Dick dino move, right?

The Wire: Tautology Supercut

The Wire is what The Wire is, ya feel me?

Tywin Lannister’s Dinner Party

Game of Thrones Cast Covers “Simply The Best”

TNG Edit: Riker, Episode 1

Via John Hodgman, #38 in a series of hilarious re-cuts of the classic sci-fi TV show, Star Trek: The Next Generation. It helps if you know the show. The character of Commander Riker, a.k.a. “Number One”, was played by the actor Jonathan Frakes.

Frakes and his (after-season-one) debonair beard assumed the personal of galactic ladies man. Just like Captain James T. Kirk in the original series (TOS), Riker was known to bed down with whatever foxy alien lady the plot might require. As you can see from Captain Picard’s look at the end of the video, maybe he sometimes takes it to a little of an extreme.

Hats off to the graphics artist for going above and beyond with some Riker-face CGI!

Unbreakable Imperiator Furiosa

Why Jon Snow is the Worst Dinner Guest