Who Killed Captain Alex? – A Ugandan Kung-Fu Movie Trailer

From this trailer, it appears Who Killed Captain Alex? is among the best Ugandan action films ever made. I have never seen a Ugandan action movie, so I admit I might be a terrible judge. But still – the visual effects are amazing!

The film is made in Wakaliwood, Uganda. Not to be confused with Nollywood (in Nigeria), Bollywood or definitely not to be confused with Hollywood. If you like what you see, the movie can be imported, which you will definitely want to do immediately.

And then watch it and report back on what we all want to know: who actually did kill Captain Alex?

How Everyone Died Playing Pokemon Go

In memoriam.

Even the director and editor of the video, Ryan Anthony Martin, somehow died. I guess that just shows the power and the danger of this augmented reality gaming sensation.

The World’s Most Appalling Interpretive Dance of This Year’s Election News

At least a few people are having fun with the election news…

I don’t even know where to begin. If you are a student of choreography and current events (paging NYU’s Gallatin School), please explain this to me.

Did the guy with the Putin mask not show up and therefore there is a hole in the narrative?

Is the terrible Trump impression meant to make Tim Kaine’s impersonation look passable by comparison?

Is the off-camera voice meant to be a deity bringing unity to the political parties through god-like intervention?

There is one thing of which I am certain: this is in no way related to a future Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical. No way.

Star Trek’s Captain Picard Visits the Planet from Disney’s Frozen

After boldly going to the ice planet Arendelle, Captain Picard comes away singing a new tune. Or, an old tune with some new lyrics…

Who sang it better, Picard or Elsa?

Okay, easy question. But still, you’ve got to admire Jean-Luc’s panache. He’s really putting on a show in that Holodeck.

It’s fun to think of Star Trek and Frozen occupying the same universe. I wonder how Anna and Elsa would respond if Romulans crossed the Neutral Zone and invaded their kingdom. How would Olaf the snowman interact with Worf, or Data? I like to think Counsellor Troi would try to read Olaf’s thoughts and they would just come up blank.

Disney’s bought every other franchise. Maybe they can convince Paramount to sell them Star Trek and then this can happen for realsies!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animators Decries the Conditions on Jungle Book

Kylo Ren Outtakes from the Auralnauts

Rey’s Vision from Force Awakens: The Extended Cut

With the home video release of the new Star Wars movie, we’re seeing all kinds of new material. That includes this, er, alternate cut of the scene where Rey finds Luke’s lightsaber and receives a startling vision…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Honest Trailer

The Honest Trailers franchise goes completely meta with this battle of competing narrators…

… and hey, isn’t that the guy from Red Letter Media?

Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

Have you always wondered who it is making those odd, fantastical noises above you at all hours of the day? Well, wonder no more! The fine funny videomakers at Above Average have documented the rigorous, downright artistic process that your upstairs neighbors are using to baffle your earholes.

A Mumbled Explanation of Bitcoin

A Reasonable Request: The One Conversation You Never Want to Have with Your Father

This video is mature in language only, but it is definitely not for children. Or people who are easily offended by taboos…

A Reasonable Request from Andrew Laurich on Vimeo.

Casually Explained: Is She Into You?

Guys often have trouble determining if a girl is ‘into’ them. This helpful video breaks down some of the common signs and signals to help you determine a lady’s level of interest.

Batlexander Manilton

A Hilarious Whirlwind History of Japan

[h/t JL]

True Crime Documentaries Become Self-Generating

What happens when a true crime documentary obsessive plots to create a documentary with himself at the center? This College Humor parody is highly recommended for fans of Making a Murderer, The Jinx and Serial

Make Your Face Great Again – The Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial

Makeup tutorials are a super-popular category of YouTube video. Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly these artists can deconstruct a look or a trend. Case in point, Tess Paras breaks down a new look that is sweeping the nation: Trumping!

It looks delicious, but I’m not sure how attractive it is. Plus, where’s the dead guinea-pig wig and the offshore-manufactured necktie? This will get you part of the way to the fully Trumped-up look, but there are still some, uh, delegates missing.

If you like this, Tess also has a parody of Lorde’s “Royals” video and a science-fiction (?) short that asks the question, “What if catcalls were cheeseburgers?”

Girls on Facebook: The Wild Emotional Ups and Downs of Posting a Single Photo

Is this a documentary?

I’m not sure this only applies to girls. I’ve seen plenty of dudes display the same social media insecurities.

Facebook is carefully designed to give us FOMO: fear of missing out. And also to trigger that hairy ape portion of the brain where you worry whether there will be anyone in your tribe to pick the nits off your back.

So we can laugh as this sketch, but also weep inside.

Spawtlight Exposes the Truth about Boston

This clever parody of Oscar hopeful Spotlight takes on the real conspiracy… Boston itself.

Close your eyes when the Rachel McAdams impersonator speaks. It’s spot-on. Or should I say spawt-on.

Boston is happening to kids! To kids!!!

Game of Thrones: Winter is Trumping

“Making a Murderer” Simpsonized

The Simpsons has been on TV long enough that you can do a parody trailer for anything. Case in point, this Vulture recut of the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer

If you know both shows, the correspondences are spot on. Homer Simpson is obviously Stephen Avery. And note who gets cast in the other roles… Ken Kratz, anyone?

If you like this trailer recut, you might enjoy some classic Tastes Funny originals, like this mashup of Skyfall and Stephen Spielberg’s Lincoln. Or how about Capt. Ron: Legacy, a remix of the Martin Short comedy vehicle Captain Ron and Tron: Legacy.