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Lost 80’s Classic Music Video: You Need More! (Cocaine)

From The Weekend Pilots, a music video that might have been lost in the 1980’s or early 90’s, when jazzercizing all day and all night was fueled by copious amounts of pure Columbian. It has a simple message, which might be summed up thusly: You need more (cocaine).

If that’s isn’t message that would make Nancy Reagan spin in her coffin, I don’t know what is. I had no idea cocaine could provoke spontaneous lesbianism, but then again I guess k.d. lang can, so maybe it isn’t out of the realm of the possible.

This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

Russian Biker Avenges Against Litterbugs

Why Cellphones Make Meeting Up with Friends Difficult as @#$%

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Commercial Cuts Compilation Shows How Easily TV Ads Can Be Hacked

Most TV ads are on the verge of parody, anyways. With a few simple sound or visual edits, the folks at r/CommercialCuts have been able to tip them all the way over.

Here’s the current top-rated remix of a commercial on the site, one for Wendy’s that takes a decidedly more believable approach to their “defining moment” slogan:

The annoying Princess Cruises add gets the Commercial Cuts treatment. A personal favorite:

Here’s a popular one that takes footage from Trainspotting and mixes it with a very different Ewan McGregor voice over:

Some strategic bleeping turns an AT&T commercial into a filthfest:

Last but not least, enjoy the prestidigitation performed upon this classic Dyson commercial:

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Weird Al’s New “Royals” Parody Takes an Insane Twist, Literally

The nation’s premiere parodist, Weird Al Yankovich, has been releasing entertaining videos for his new album every day this week. My favorite so far is this take on Lourde’s “Royals” which starts like it could be any song on the Food Album.

Of course, as you may guess from the title, “Foil,” it takes a tin-hatted, tin-potted left turn. Patton Oswalt makes a cameo as the Assistant Director of the Food Network show that’s gone off the rails on a crazy train. Stick around after the song finishes for a final beat from Oswalt, who reveals just how at home he is with Land of the Lost trivia.

Metal Construction

The Truth Behind Facebook Status Updates

Giraffic Park

As near as I can tell, this Reddit thread is what began the new meme of mashing up Jurassic Park with nature’s loveable long-necks.

The parodies began simply enough, like this crude remix of the Jurassic Park trailer:

But soon ranged from handsomely-composited…
Giraffic park - Clever girl

To surreal:
Dr. Girafrant

Note: Not to be confused with the real life safari park of the same name, which is sadly closed.

Here are a few more from the meme. As long as aspiring After Effects artists have access to nature documentaries, I’m sure they will not be the last.

Look out!


Brian Williams “Sings” Snoop Dogg Classic ‘Gin And Juice’

A perfectly auto-tuned set of news clips. Who knew B-dub Williams had such unstoppable flow?

The Jimmy Fallon show has the unique advantage of having access to the whole NBC clip library. Still, this is an impressive bit of editing. I have a feeling they had to create some syllables. For example, just how often, do you think, does Brian Williams happen to report on “bitches in the living room getting it on”?

If you are unfamiliar with the original Snoop Dogg rap, here’s the video:

And yes, in a battle of hairstyles, Snoop is the clear winner. Sorry Brian W-I-double-L.

World’s Worst Boyfriend Takes Glee in Scaring His Girlfriend 22 Times

A Vine compilation of comedian Aristotle Georgeson scaring his hot blonde girlfriend way more than any sane dude would ever scare his hot girlfriend. No person is harmed… but I can’t say the same for a certain pastry.

Seriously, “seriously”?

If someone did this to me I would probably develop PTSD. In fact, just watching it I may have developed a serious case of nerves.

I bet this gave the girl, Craydrienne (if that is her real name), some serious fight-or-flight adrenaline bursts. Good luck surviving next time she gets jumped by a wild tiger!

I can’t believe the one he did while she was driving. Dude has a deathwish, and not just in that clip. Some of the other ones I seriously believed she was going to shove that cameraphone up Stotle’s rectle portle.

Generic Brand Video Could Be Any Company, Ever

Powerful World Leaders Get GIF Makeovers

Ever wondered what our nation’s president would look like as a pretty pretty woman? Wonder no more.

Obama GIF Makeover

And for those who have long wondered whether it was Laura or George W. who wore the pants in the Oval office…

1vhbJqv - Imgur

Even macho Russian strongmen need to let their hair down and tart up from time to time.

JtqTdvh - Imgur

More here. [via reddit, of course]

Mario Meets Seinfeld

This “parody about nothing” manages to fuse the two unlikely cultural touchstones: the characters from Super Mario and the cast of Seinfeld.

Not only has the animator nailed some of the mannerisms, the casting is spot on. Mario is Jerry. Luigi is Kramer. Toad with glasses is George…

… I was really hoping to see The Princess as Elaine. And who is Newman? Bowser?

My favorite exchange:

“Luigi, why do I have to go?”
“You’re player one.”
*whiney* “But I don’t want to be player one.” *crosses arms*

Who would you cast in Mario Seinfeld? What plots would you like to see? I’d love to see “The Contest” re-made as a competition to see who could avoid using green pipes the longest. (Or maybe playing with their warp whistle.)

Happy Valentines Day from your Overly-Attached Girlfriend

You’ll gape in amazement at the shot-for-shot remake of Journey’s “Separate Ways” music video

You might think it would be easy to do a shot-for-shot remake of a low-production-value 1980’s music video. But admire the care with which this group of Journey fans(?) undertook to re-create the video for “Separate Ways”. Part of the fun is watching the split-screen for what is exaggerated in the comedic version… or, often as not, not exaggerated.

My favorite moment might be the vertical playing of the keyboard, which is somehow attached to a corrugated tin fence. (Huh?)

What’s your favorite moment in this spoof? What other 80’s hair band music videos would you like to see get the remake treatment?

Video of Taylor Swift Being Assaulted During Her Grammy Performance

Every Indie Movie Cliché in One Short Trailer: Not Another Sundance Movie

Here it is, the very first video from the Tastes Funny sketch comedy team. It’s an ambitious spoof of the world of Independent film, just in time for today’s opening of the Sundance Film Festival…

Starring: Molly Fite, Dan Banas, Todd McClintock, Samantha McLoughlin & Lucy McLoughlin
Directed by: Chris Punsalan
Written by: Autumn Proemm, Chris Punsalan, John Ott, Molly Fite & Susan Mandel
Photographed by: Chris Punsalan & Stephen Mader
Music by: The Clapping Orphan’s Choir of Detroit (aka Chris Punsalan)

Apparently the Sundance-fatigue is a common sentiment, at least in the halls (do they have halls?) of USA Today.

What indie movie clichés do you think are played out? Leave a comment.

-17 Degrees in Minnesota – What Happens When You Pee Outside?

Some intrepid Minnesotans decided to test what happens when you pee outside in sub-zero temperatures. According to their commentary, the temperature the night the video was shot was -17 degrees Fahrenheit, -50 with windchill. These are some brave souls.

And there you have it. Many courageous things have been done in the name of science, but this act of extreme urination takes the prize. I mean, not a Nobel prize or anything. But a lot of wangs will be saved thanks to bar bets that can be settled on YouTube instead of in the freezing, pissing cold.

How To Open a Duff Beer [gif]