A Forlorn Trump Covers Adele’s “Hello”

If Movies Ended When A Character Named the Title…

The Chickening is the Ultimate Absurdist Remix of The Shining

Prepare to be extremely disturbed. Stephen King can stop letting filmmakers remake The Shining now… the ultimate scarily-spookifying cinematic version of his tale has now been created. Come play with us, Danny!

I think the biggest mystery here is, when were Shelly Duvall’s eyes digitally crossed and when were they just like that? Science may never know the answer. Unless an ignorant rapper tweets about it to Neil deGrassy Tyson or something. Tyson… Tyson Chicken… The Chickening… Nope. Thought I had it there for a second.

More about the making of… whatever you want to call this… can be found at Birth Movies Death.

Dirty Text Messages Orchestrated into Epic Song (NSFW)

A new spin on the term ‘chamber music’…

Gym Goers as Wildlife

Famous Movie Moments… Without Music

The audio wizards of Mix Minus like to imagine what famous movie moments would sound like without music. For example, Rocky’s training montage becomes slightly less epic and slightly… delusional?

And check out what the Mix Minus tricksters did with the famous warehouse dance sequence from Footloose:

What famous movie moment would you like to see — er, hear — without music?

Comedian Hires Teen Rapper to Write Diss Track for Ex

Darth Trump

America’s number one, primo, top-notch presidential candidate goes galaxy-wide in this clever video remix. Comedy group Auralnauts use “all-natural 100% real” Trump quotes and Disney un-sanctioned Star Wars footage to cook up this parody.

What do you think? Meshes pretty well, huh? There’s no border wall in space. But Galactic Emperor Trump could probably change that. And he could get the Mexican government to pay for it too!

What other presidential candidates belong in the Star Wars universe. Just for example, I’m pretty sure Ted Cruz is an incarnation of Jabba the Hutt. And who wouldn’t mind seeing Hilary frozen in carbonite for a while, just so we don’t have to hear any more about those damn emails!

You Won’t Believe How Filthy This Hunger Games Spoof Is (NSFW)

In the Hunger Games franchise, young citizens chosen at random and forced to become ‘tributes’ in a violent television spectacle. This spoof imagines what would happen if the young adults in the movie acted more like, you know, some teens you may know. Things get… raunchy. NSFW.

Did you see the final Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay, Part II? We thought of splitting this sketch into two long, bloated half-sketches – but then we thought, hey, no Hunger Games fan wants to see that!

If you were writing on a paper for Effie Trinket to draw out of a bowl, what would you write? Something in the vein of Bart Simpson’s prank calls?

Ninja Water Bottle Kick

Sir David Attenborough Narrates the Opening of Adele’s “Hello” Video


Under Sixty Seconds: An Original Heist Film by Two Random Dudes on a Boardwalk

What happens when two Americans hanging out by the beach in Santa Monica are challenged to improvise a film on the spot? And then that film is re-enacted by Norwegian comedians?

Tiny Town: A Norwegian Mockumentary

She would vote for Bernie Sanders, only…

Jurassic World… Hilariously Remixed

How do you make Jurassic World even better? That’s not a rhetorical question, homes. The answer is: Remix every shot of its MFin’ trailer!

Beauty and the Beast: The NSFW Version

With Disney making a new live-action version of their classic animated film, Beauty and the Beast, now is exactly the time to share this… er, remix.

Let’s just say it takes the subtext of the beloved musical story and makes it very, very explicit.

If their are small children near you, you may want to cover their ears. After plugging them with wax. And then imprison them in a sound-proof booth.

Or not. I don’t know. Maybe you’re one of those permissive, anything goes parents. In which case, go ahead and rock out with your beast c— out.

Be our guest!

Royal Navy Recruitment Video

The Ultimate Trolling of Lord of the Rings Fans

You know how some fans get upset when tiny details about their favorite fantasy world gets mis-reported…?

This is so so dumb. And yet, there’s a genius to the dumbness. Flicka! Legalize greenleaf!

What are your favorite name botches in the video? What are the obvious ones that creator Neil Cicierega missed?

Bad Lip Reading Tackles the Republican Debate

Remember kids, “Every mouse has a wee wee.”

What did Luke do in the Dagobah System?: A decidedly NSFW GIF

Truly, one of the best Star Wars remixes I’ve seen in a long time. Like Episodes 1-3, it is entirely unsafe for children.

View post on imgur.com

Here’s the Reddit thread where it surfaced. The genius of the creator is to extend the comedy with reaction shots and showing the footage from multiple angles.

As one commenter put it: “Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm.”