Every Indie Movie Cliché in One Short Trailer: Not Another Sundance Movie

Here it is, the very first video from the Tastes Funny sketch comedy team. It’s an ambitious spoof of the world of Independent film, just in time for today’s opening of the Sundance Film Festival…

Starring: Molly Fite, Dan Banas, Todd McClintock, Samantha McLoughlin & Lucy McLoughlin
Directed by: Chris Punsalan
Written by: Autumn Proemm, Chris Punsalan, John Ott, Molly Fite & Susan Mandel
Photographed by: Chris Punsalan & Stephen Mader
Music by: The Clapping Orphan’s Choir of Detroit (aka Chris Punsalan)

Apparently the Sundance-fatigue is a common sentiment, at least in the halls (do they have halls?) of USA Today.

What indie movie clichés do you think are played out? Leave a comment.

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